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Will the Covid Pandemic Make or Break Trump’s Chances?

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How Can I Stay Safe from a Coronavirus Scam?

Word on the grapevine is that the F.T.C. is close to deciding whether or not to charge Facebook for antitrust. If they do, they will be charging Facebook for basically the same thing the Justice Department is charging Google with. If it does happen, it won’t be a good day for investors.

The gig economy has gotten bigger in recent years, but is just now having to deal with labor laws. An appeals court in California said that Uber and Lyft must treat their drivers as employees and not independent contractors. This could drastically affect their business model and profits could go down the tube.

The media isn’t even hiding conservative bias anymore. When the New York Post broke a story about Biden’s corruption, the other papers refused to publish it…because it would help Trump. Even now, days later, they act like there’s nothing there.



Trump’s Reelection May Come Down to Just One Thing – The Coronavirus


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